About Us

7Figures Toys & Collectibles

Proudly  Australian run and owned toy and collectible store since 2013.

We have our teams based in Melbourne and Canberra,
dedicated to provide you the customer access to a range of world wide action figures, toys, super heroes and movie & comic characters for your own collection.

We strive to source the hard to find toys and action figures not sold in your typical corner or mall store.  If you want a specific toy or collection which we don't stock, don't hesitate to drop an email to ask our friendly staff.

We have 24/7 help at support@7figurestoys.com OR call during business hour call us on +61 (02) 6193 3284

If you have a collection or rare toys you want to sell, send us an email or letter with the descitpion and to support@7figures.com.au

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PO BOX 622
Civic Square ACT 2608